quality-e1482923746776We take pride in creating products of the highest quality by combining cutting-edge technology with highly stringent operating procedures and safety practices. Our manufacturing plants are certified to be cGMP compliant by local and international standards – EU GMP, WHO GMP, ISO-18001. But our quest for excellence does not end here. In order to make excellence sustainable and continuous, we endeavour to instil a culture of quality and regulatory compliance into all teams involved in the production process.

We approach product development by aiming to design quality into our products and processes. This is driven by a thorough understanding of desired product quality attributes that helps identify critical parameters, which in-turn aids in the construction of a control strategy that ensures that the intended purpose of the product will reproducibly maintain its integrity.

Our goal of quality at affordable prices can only be achieved by operating at the highest degree of efficiency. The planning, production and logistics teams work in-sync to use Just-In-Time techniques to optimize inventory levels and associated carrying costs across the entire manufacturing lifecycle. Integrating the complete set of business processes including quality systems into a very robust ERP solution driven by the SAP platform is another example of achieving process efficiency of highest degree.