Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd. is committed to Protection of the Environment for a Sustainable Planet, Safety and Healthy working conditions to prevent ill health and work related injuries.


We are committed to:-

  • Provide a Safe and Healthy working environment for all employees, external providers and customers; by ensuring a safe and environment friendly working practices.
  • Ensure that all applicable Compliance Requirements are followed and complied during design, installation, operation and maintenance of manufacturing facility.
  • Protect the environment including Prevention of Pollution and to eliminate the hazards and reducing OH & S Risks. We shall be continually improving our Environmental, Health and Safety Management and its performance.
  • Ensuring and Setting Objectives and Targets to improve our Environment, Health and Safety performances.
  • Apply current techniques for Identification of Process Safety Hazards and Risk Assessments & Control through an appropriate combination of Sustainable Technical, Organizational and Personal Safety Measures.
  • Participation and Consultation of workers along with line functional managers shall be encouraged through ongoing Occupational Health and Safety Management System to achieve Operational Excellence.
  • Ensure that all external providers and their employees shall follow the Bliss GVS Pharma Limited Safety Requirements.
  • Observance of safe practices is a condition of employment. Performance on Safety, Health & Environment protection, is one of the important criteria for selection & career growth of an individual in the organization.
  • Improve the process of manufacturing by eliminating or minimizing waste and or converting the generated wastes into reusable / or recycled materials, where ever possible to minimize the Lifecycle Impact.
  • Conduct all operations in a manner consistent with good manufacturing practices and good industrial hygiene practice to prevent adverse health effects on employees.
  • Economic considerations will never be allowed to override Safety, Health & Environment protection.


Date: 03/07/2018