About Us

About Us

Bliss GVS is a fast-growing Pharmaceutical Company with a proven track record of developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality pharmaceutical formulations at affordable prices for the global market. We are a public limited company listed on India’s National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange with more than three decades of industry expertise.

Manufacturing Compliance

We are among the world leaders in Suppositories and Pessaries dosage forms with one of the largest portfolios in this segment. Our thirty years of experience in suppositories manufacturing has resulted in developing an extensive product offering in suppositories and pessaries across various therapeutic categories (see here ). We follow European GMP Standards for manufacturing suppositories. Our manufacturing plants are certified to be cGMP compliant by local and international standards: EU GMP, WHO GMP, OHSAS-18001 : 2007 and ISO-14001 : 2004. We are the only EU-GMP certified suppositories manufacturer in India. We are constantly looking to raise the bar in terms of developing innovative products and quality standards which keep us ahead of competition in this dosage form.

Our Growth

Bliss GVS is proud of its segment leadership in Anti-malarial products across most African markets. Our brands cover an extensive range of Artemisinin-based combination formulations across various dosage forms – Tablets, Suspensions, Suppositories and Injections. Lonart is our flagship brand for Artemether & Lumefantrine combination, the fixed-dose recommended & pre-qualified by WHO for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria caused by plasmodium falciparum

Over the last decade, we have expanded our portfolio to include a wider range of products across different therapeutic segments in order to cater to the increasing demands from countries in which we operate. In the dermatology segment, our Funbact brand is now prominent in the anti-fungal segment. To facilitate growth in this area, we have also added to our manufacturing capabilities in creams, ointments and gels. We are also rapidly building our manufacturing capabilities in herbal sore throat lozenges, a segment in which we have seen very high growth over the last few years. Thus, with significant expansion in R & D, Manufacturing & Marketing capabilities, we are poised for an accelerated rate of growth which makes for very exciting times at Bliss GVS.

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